Porsche Taycan: Porsche uses electricity and has unlimited power.

In order to let the global media experience Taycan carefully, Porsche arranged a “crazy” driving test: from Oslo, Norway, after 11 stops and 18 days, through nine countries, finally arrived at Porsche headquarters Stuttgart, 6440 km. “Crazy” is not what I said, but what Porsche brand ambassador Mark Weber said.

Like before, Porsche can find a city with beautiful scenery, let the global media take some beautiful pictures and experience the city road, or pack a track to let the media feel Taycan’s extreme performance on the track. But Porsche uses a long-distance relay to let the media experience the most authentic Taycan, including the long-distance sprint on Germany’s speed-free highway, which is the most severe test for an electric car.

Taycan is the most serious car I’ve ever seen from Porsche. Because for Porsche, Taycan may be more than just a new car. 356 opened the Porsche brand, 911 decided the soul of Porsche, Cayenne and Panamamera made Porsche more complete and powerful, and Taycan marked Porsche entered the era of electrification, for Porsche, its significance may be a level with 911.

Difference between Taycan and other mass-produced electric vehicles on the market

The biggest difference is that it’s an original Porsche. The answer may seem the same as no answer, but people who drive a Porsche understand the sense of random control in driving a Porsche, and the car will perform every action you take. Taycan can say that it inherits all the excellent traditions of Porsche. It’s an electric car that doesn’t drive very electric cars.

Porsche engineers have spent years incorporating 70 years of experience in making sports cars into the car, making it drive infinitely close to the fuel car. I asked a lot of friends who like cars. The reason why they can’t accept electric cars is that the driving experience of electric cars is far from that of fuel vehicles, and they have no advantages other than “fast acceleration”. And I can say responsibly that Taycan’s driving texture, apart from accelerating faster, is almost the same as that of a fuel car.

How about Taycan’s endurance as an electric car

First of all, the number of endurance is not Taycan’s strong point. After all, the number of NEDC 465 kilometers is much worse than that of 500 + and 600 + electric vehicles, but the WLTP range of Taycan Turbo S is 412 kilometers, and the WLTP range of Taycan Turbo is 450 kilometers.

During the two days of the test drive, we didn’t start with full power. The daily power consumption was about 90%. The driving conditions included urban roads, rural roads, mountain roads, speed-limited highways and speed-limited highways, almost all the road conditions you could meet, and we didn’t drive because of this at all. It is an electric vehicle that fears insufficient endurance and dares not cruise at high speed. On the contrary, it cruises over 200 kilometers/hour for a long period of time on the highway, with a maximum of 267 kilometers/hour. At the same time, it has tried several ejection launches at several traffic lights. In this case, Taycan can also cruise at a very unfriendly condition to the electric vehicle. The 330-350 kilometre endurance (calculated by the reduction in electricity consumption) is a very proud endurance number. To add a word, the expected mileage decline along the way in Taycan is even less than the actual mileage. People who drive electric cars will know what I mean.

Interior Space of Taycan

As we all know, the interior space of electric vehicles is usually affected by the battery layout, which reflects that the rear passenger’s foot position is often higher, so Taycan specially digs two “foot pits” at the rear foot, so the foot position is very comfortable. There is no problem with the rear legs space. After sitting in front and back with men of normal stature, the rear passengers can also have a more abundant legs space. However, the cushion angle of the back seat is very straight and can not be adjusted, so sitting in the back of Taycan for a long journey is not a particularly pleasant thing.

As for storage space, Taycan has two suitcases in front and back. The front suitcase can be packed with a boarding box and a small backpack. The rear suitcase has some space after two 26-inch boxes, so it should not be a big problem to say that it is enough.

New Interactive System for Locomotives

Taycan carries the latest generation of Porsche’s digital cockpit system, which consists of 3 + 1 large screen, 16.8 inch curved surface instrument, central 10.9 inch display screen, 8.4 inch touch screen and optional 10.9 inch co-pilot display. Although there is no classical five-link instrument in the curved surface combination instrument, the digital three-link meter is clear and practical. The most commendable is the integrated touch indicator of the edge. After optimization design, it will not be blocked by the steering wheel.

The 10.9-inch central display runs a completely new PCM system with fast touch response, clear menu logic and support for “Hey, Porsche” voice control, but it may be that my English is not very standard and the recognition rate is not very high. The 8.4 inch control panel with touch feedback below the air outlet of the air conditioner is not strong enough. Sometimes it needs to press twice to trigger. The optional sub-driver display screen is very good. It can be separated from the central display screen. It can also operate the navigation system independently without affecting the driver. If more functions with higher playability are added in the follow-up, the sub-driver will be more fond of it.

Powerful 800V charging

800V charging is one of Taycan’s greatest highlights, although the current European charging facilities can not charge Taycan’s design with the maximum power, charging from 5% to 80% takes only 22 minutes, that is, the time we have to go to the toilet and eat a hamburger in the high-speed service area. This is an innovation to change the user’s charging habits. In fact, many times you don’t need to be full of electricity to go again. Charge quickly in the service area with maximum power for a while. Do something you should do in the service area during this time. The electricity you get may be enough for you.

New Features of Porsche Taycan

Driving Taycan gives me the greatest surprise is its kinetic energy recovery system. Previously, the pure electric or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle driven by the kinetic energy recovery system has brought a very unpleasant experience to driving pleasure. When you release the throttle kinetic energy recovery system, you will exert a force to pull the car. Taycan’s kinetic energy recovery system can be said to have almost no feeling, even when the maximum work of the kinetic energy recovery system, it will not have any unhappy impact on driving. The most serious thing is that the recovery power of the system can reach 265 kilowatts, and the current mainstream level of the industry is between 40 and 100 kilowatts.

Finally, I want to talk about Taycan’s achievements in the North Ring of the Nurburgrin. In fact, at the previous technical presentation, Porsche said that Taycan’s performance in the North Ring of the Nurburgrin would be less than 8 minutes. Later, the official score was 7 minutes 43 seconds 34, which is the same level as the previous generation of Cayman GT4. So far, it is still the official record holder of the fastest accessible electric vehicle in the North Ring of the Nurburgrin. After seeing Taycan’s ring brush, Elon Musk, Tesla’s owner, said that they would take Model S to New York, and then they did. The legendary score was over 7:20, but please note that the Model S is a deeply modified model with tail fins, widened wheelbase, replaced lightweight rings and high-performance tires, and replaced carbon fiber ceramic brakes. Vehicle system, other modifications are not yet known. I think when Tesla decided to use a modified car instead of the original one to brush the rings, the race was lost.

Actually, I was a person who refused electric cars, but Taycan changed my understanding of “traditional” electric cars. It doesn’t drive automatically. Its range is really close to 400 kilometers. It’s not cheap. But if you, like me, don’t like electric cars because they don’t feel like driving, I strongly recommend you try Taycan Turbo (Turbo S), or wait for the cheaper basic version of Taycan next year, and you’ll be surprised.

Taycan will usher in a modified version

A few days ago, Hennessey, an American maker, announced that it would make a modification of Porsche Taycan, which would be the first pure electric vehicle to be modified by the maker. Hennessey was previously known for refitting the American Muscle Car, but now it says Porsche Taycan will be its first electric car. However, in the early stage, it will not change Taycan’s power system, mainly for its body aerodynamic design/modeling, interior and other parts; but in the later stage, Hennessey said that it does not rule out the possibility of changing its power system.

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