How much do starter motors cost?

The greatest spot for you to learn about starter motors is right here. My guess is that right now, the cost of your starter motor is what you’re most worried about. You might be searching for a new or replacement starter motor for your car. The straightforward response to this query would be anything between $200 and $700. The cost of replacement is heavily influenced by many factors.


On the low end, you might be attempting to do it yourself and searching for a cheap starter motor. For the most expensive option, you might want to use a premium brand part and hire a qualified mechanic to replace it. Price is only one factor you should take into account, though. When looking to buy the starter motor for your car, many factors are more important than price. The details relating to starter motor cost are discussed below.

The starter motor replacement cost

When looking to replace your starter motor, cost is an essential factor. The crucial point to remember when taking price into account is that high price equates to high quality. Cheap is ultimately more expensive. How? Read on. Buying a cheap replacement part might force you to do so several times over the course of the vehicle’s life. 

  • Vehicle model and make

The average replacement cost for the majority of popular car brands ranges between $400 and $700. When you use parts from premium brands like Denso, Bosch, and Valeo, you get a better value return. For OEM starters, which are made especially for most vehicles, these brands offer direct part replacements. The model and make of the car also affect how much different vehicle starter motors cost.


If other components don’t get damaged, the starter motor replacement cost for your car could be a few dollars. Expect to spend more if additional issues with the vehicle are found, depending on the part involved and the vehicle’s current state. The battery, ring gear, and wiring connections to the battery are nearby components that need to be examined.

  • DIY replacement

The cost of replacement also differs significantly depending on whether you DIY or hire a mechanic. If you want to cut the cost of how much you spent on vehicle repairs, DIY replacements are fantastic. You should budget between $200 and $500 just for the starter motor. There are numerous online tutorials that describe how to complete this task alone. 


Before engaging in DIY, a specific set of knowledge is required. This is because if something goes wrong, the cost of repairs could be much higher than expected. You might have additional expenses, such as replacing any additional nearby damaged parts. The most crucial step in any DIY project is safely disconnecting the battery. The wiring connections for the solenoids may also need to be examined.

  • Mechanic replacement

On the other hand, qualified mechanics might provide you with a reconditioned starter, which could lower your expenses. Starter motor maintenance can take between two and four hours, depending on skill level and experience. The cost is primarily made up of the starter’s cost of buying, with labor accounting for the majority of the remaining costs. Depending on the make and model of the vehicle, budget between $400 and $1000.


Using a reconditioned starter motor can reduce the cost of a starter motor by 40% to 50%. However, the state of reconditioned starters largely depends on the reconditioning mechanic’s abilities. New starters are more expensive than rebuilt starter motors. Additionally, reconditioned starter motors have a longer service life than less expensive options. A starter that has been rebuilt can provide a two-year warranty before needing to be replaced. Cheap substitutes frequently lack warranties.


Questions to ask the seller of a replacement starter motor

You should have a specific set of knowledge about the starter motor you need in order to avoid feeling cheated after visiting the mechanic. It should be obvious to know the make and model of your car. The seller or mechanic replacing the starter motor should answer the following crucial questions in the affirmative.

  1. Does the mechanic recondition the starter motor using OEM-approved parts? 

As previously mentioned, premium brands use OEM starters’ direct replacement parts. Your mechanic should refurbish the replacement starter motor with OEM-approved components. This guarantees the starter motor in your car a long service life.

  1. How does the warranty compare to the manufacturer’s warranty?

Even though the word is bond, this typically does not apply when ensuring the long service life of your replacement vehicle parts. It’s crucial to confirm that replacement parts come with warranties in case they break down. The majority of reconditioned starters come with a two-year warranty.

  1. Was the reconditioned starter subjected to testing?

Any reconditioned starter should always be tested in accordance with industry standards by your seller. You should make getting a reliable and well-made starter motor a top priority at this stage of the buying process. How frequently you visit the mechanic and how much you spend on maintenance repairs may depend solely on this.


Car starter motors work under harsh conditions for their entire lifetime. Always keep an eye out for the best replacement parts for your car. That is if you decide against purchasing a new starter motor. When replacing a crucial component of your car, such as the starter motor, you shouldn’t base your decision on price.


Always choose trustworthy starter motor suppliers. This will ensure that your replacement part has a lengthy warranty period. You can always choose a reconditioned starter motor if you don’t want to buy a new one. Always remember to take good care of your car so that it will serve you well.