Top 10 Semi Trailer Manufacturers

China Semitrailer Factory

As one of the leading Chinese semi-trailer manufacturers, Shandong Fudeng Auto Co., Ltd. prioritizes top-quality products and affordable prices. With a strong focus on research and design, they continually strive for innovation and offer products that exceed expectations

2. Heil Trailer semi trailer manufacturer

Heil Trailer is recognized for its diverse range of trailers, offering customers a wide variety of options to choose from. Their trailers feature top-quality stainless steel bodies, providing a modern and sleek appearance. Established in 1901, Heil Trailer is backed by the reputable Dover Corporation

3. Doepker

Doepker Industries: Known for its customer-driven strategy, Doepker Industries is among the top semi-trailer manufacturers in the USA. They provide the flexibility to customize trailers according to individual needs. With patent-pending designs, their trailers embody innovation and creativity

4. Ultraton

Considered one of the top Chinese semi-trailer manufacturers worldwide, Ultraton prioritizes customer satisfaction. In addition to trailers, they also offer parts for semi-trailers, and their platform receives high praise from customers

5. Stoughton Trailers

Established in 1960, Stoughton Trailers is a leading semi-trailer manufacturer in the USA. Known for producing unique and traditional trailers, the company is family-owned and manufactures approximately 10,000 sets per year. Their trailers are commonly seen on roads in the USA and Canada